Bishoujo (Beautiful Girl)

Parks (Theme Parks)

Academy (School)

"Bishoujo Parks Academy" is the latest internet series from EpcotServo- best known for his remarkably non-sequitur take on internet theme park journalism, "EpcotServo's Updates". Only this time, insteading of using pictures and captions he's using...Beautiful Manga Girls?

 At the Diz-no-Kisaki Girls' Academy, all your favorite parks are attending High School. Maki Kingdom is the popular girl, who has a bit of a crazy side. Epcot-chan is quiet and smart, keeping to herself until she sees a chance to irk a wild response or rave over video games and geeky things. Saki Studios is hyper and fun to hang around, though sometimes her watching TV shows and Movies keep her from being in the right mind. Add in all that the new student Ani-Marisu, a clever and shy young girl who...wait, are those ears real?

Every week brings not only the trials of everyday life in a high school, but the chaotic life of Fastpasses, Attendance, New attractions, crazy fans, rivals, distractions, and no end of comedy from the world of Theme Parks.

Bishoujo Girls Academy is a "4-Panel" type "Gag-manga" very popular in Japan for it's use of cute characters and off-brand humor. A self-published Doujinshi series, online and (soon) in print. Created using ComiPo! Software.

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