Park: Magic Kingdom. Maki Kingdom is a pretty, popular, and outwardly perfect girl. Only in real life, she has a slightly more aggressive side. Rating: Be careful around this one.


 Park: EPCOT. Epcot-Chan is smart and very quiet girl. Hobbies including reading, using her cell phone, computers, and other gadgets, world travel, and more reading.  Tends to be unpredictable in order to irk reactions from her friends. Rating: Otaku


Park: Hollywood Studios. Extremely hyper and friendly, very upbeat and chipper at all times. Also clumsy, has a hard time studying, and makes many jokes. Enjoys thrill rides and watches too many movies and TV shows. Rating: Plays the "Straight-man" to many punchlines.

Ani Marisu

Park: Animal Kingdom. Transfer student. Shy and timid, but extremely well-versed in education. She loves Animals, and gets into strange adventures. Rating: Don't ask about the ears.

Ms. Deland 

Park: Disneyland. Teacher of Class 1B. Incredibly charming, friendly, and helpful. Elder sister of Maki Kingdom, if that can be believed. She loves pretty much everything, yet attracts crazy friends. Rating: Perfect?

Miss Dee-Sensei

Park: California Adventure. Teacher of class 2B. Friend of Ms.Deland. Energetic and tough, though seems to enjoy slacking off and being normal. Tough on students, yet friendly and loveable. Sometimes says irresponsible things in front of them though. Rating: Getting it together   


  Park: Universal Studios Florida. Yuu is a Kizumi High Student, and member of Team Yuu-nee-versal. Sister to Ayano, she is tough-willed and dedicated, especially when plotting to surpass the girls of Diz-No-Kisaki Girls' Academy. Though secretly, she seems to be watching Maki Kingdom closely for another reason...Rating: Tsundere


Park: Islands of Adventure. Kizumi High student and member of Team Yuu-neeversal, Ayano is the spacey yet charming sister of Yuu, who's good looks has earned her many fans. Tall and beautiful, yet a bit on the clumsy side. Rating: Idol of Kizumi High